Celia Visser - An Award-winning Local Kitchen Designer

Kitchen designer Celia Visser lives and breathes design. Her exquisitely keen eye for colour and texture was honed while renovating her own homes.

Celia quickly assesses the mood when she walks into a home, she take the client’s lifestyle, family circumstances and the feeling they want to create and this is what guides her designs. Sometimes its innate, other times a client’s art or beautiful landscape is what guides her but her creations are always functional.

She’s inquisitive, always seeking fresh creative inspiration so at weekends she spends a lot of time scouring magazines, shops and markets for stimulation and quirky ideas. She travels often and usually overseas. Celia is equally focussed on the business side of her company and strives for excellence in all areas.

Celia Visser wants her clients to come home to a place that’s relaxed to live in, but at the same time beautiful, which suits the client’s individuality. She tells us, “As it’s not my home, I try and give them something which will grow with them.”

The designer loves designing homes with soul and the x factor, which is why she has consistently won awards for her work over the last 25 years. Check out Celia’s diverse style and award-winning designs at her showroom or check out her website.

CELIA VISSER DESIGN, 54 College Hill, T: 09 917 1794, www.visserdesign.co