Dedwood a small new local "deli"

Ponsonby News caught up last month with Alex and Adrian, the young entrepreneurs behind Dedwood Deli, localed right next to Kokomo on Ponsonby Road.

It's reassuring that young people are prepared to have a go at their own cafe/deli business. We welcome Dedwood, the old name for Ponsonby to our 'hood and wish them both well.

Describe the vibe of Dedwood and what you're offering?

In one word - wholesome. we’ve brought the store back to its heritage ties, highlighting our old fireplaces, and restoring the original rimu flooring. We want a homely feeling for Ponsonby residents and workers to feel welcome and develop a community. Our furniture is handmade ourselves from reclaimed wood and old villa doors.

Our offering seeks to match the vibe with specialty homemade sandwiches such as a New York Reuben or a blue Vein stuffed portobello. Moreover, our gelato - with three dairy free choices - our standout favourite is the Burnt chocolate coconut and charcoal - All their food is made fresh in-house and comes in many flavours such as Baileys & whiskey, mango, pistachio etc. To sip on our offering there's Kombucha, coffee and nitro cold brew supplied by Kokako.

Tell us about yourselves?

Alex and I (Adrian) are childhood friends from primary school who are now 21 and freshly graduated. Alex enjoys experimenting with food, while Adrian loves creating an atmosphere.

What do you love about ponsonby?

Ponsonby has a culture and heart of Its own separate from Auckland city. This attracted both of us to the area and we have not regretted it at all. Everyone we’ve met has been great, supportative and welcoming to us.

Favourite ponsonby place?

Alex’s favourite Ponsonby cafe is Cafe One 2 One for its iconic cozy outdoor vibe. It's a real shame they are closing after being an iconic Ponsonby business for so many decades. Adrian’s would be Orphan’s Kitchen just across the road for its innovative food.

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