Furf – serious pet gear

Bringing style and sophistication into the pet-friendly home, pet loving fanatics, Makeshi-Thappen have launched Furf Pets, a high end, design focused, pet accessories brand.

The design brief for Furf Pets was simple – create a pet bowl that looks as good on the dining room table as it does on the kitchen floor.

Not content on just looking good, the Furf bowl presents some impressive function and safety features. It’s spill resistant and anti-slip, ensuring no unwanted messes are made with two of the safest materials for animals, food-grade silicone rubber and stainless steel.

Furf Pets products have been created with your pet’s safety in mind and an all-encompassing sustainability ethos throughout production, meaning long-lasting quality while keeping their brand ethos at heart.

Every aspect of Furf meets and exceeds the exacting standards they’ve set for themselves – paving the way for a better future for our planet and a healthier, happier life for you and your family pet.

FURF PETS, instagram/furfpets, facebook/furfpets, www.furfpets.co.nz