The wellness tonic that gets you back to gorgeous...

Move over Kombucha, this summer there’s a new drink on the market. No Ugly is a wellness tonic that is scientifically formulated to help you go from malaise to mint.

There are no ugly ingredients – only good. No Ugly’s key ingredient is Enzogenzol, extracted from Pinus Radiata bark it’s a highly active antioxidant with anti-inflammatory compounds. With only 5.5 grams of sugar per 500mls, and a whole bunch of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, a bottle day of No Ugly will get you back to gorgeous in no time.

No Ugly is available in two flavours – refreshing Ginger and cooling Cucumber to quench the most insatiable thirst.


• The reduction of tiredness and fatigue
• Normal energy metabolism, energy production, energy release from blood
• Normal psychological function
• Neurological function
• Normal function of the nervous system
• Mental performance
• Cell protection from free radical damage
• The protection of cells from oxidative stress
• Normal electrolyte balance


We all know there’s a lot of ways to get ugly. Thankfully, there are also are a few ways to get No Ugly.

No Ugly Wellness Tonic is available by the single 500ml bottle RRP $7.95, a Double Dose (2 x 500ml) RRP $15.00, a 12 pack or Swappa Crate subscription - $69.00 a month. Crates can either be Ginger, Cucumber or Mixed.

If you sign-up to a Swappa Crate subscription, as well as delivering your No Ugly, we’ll take away your empties and dispose of them responsibly. Every time you return your empties we’ll provide a lunch for a child in need via our friends over at Eat My Lunch.

No Ugly can also be found at Farro and selected cafés around Auckland. Visit for stockists details.


Five years ago, No Ugly founders Jo and Aaron Taylor woke up.

Everything they were doing was lop-sided. And in today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to get that way. With an enthusiastic lust for life, it was too easy to over-indulge. And we all know that over indulgence hinders performance, affects mood and limits our ability manage stress.
So they changed.
That change wasn’t extreme, more like better awareness of what makes a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Especially because they have four very active kids, two big jobs and a swag of friends teasing them with temptation on a daily basis.
Exercise became habitual but so too did good nutrition. The lightbulb moment was when they felt all wellness brands were boring, a bit worthy and didn’t reflect who they wanted to be.
So they invented No Ugly. A brand with a higher purpose, a spunky attitude and a clear functional benefit – to help people get back to gorgeous in no time.
We like it. We hope you like it too.