Annie Sloan at Le Monde

The biggest distraction many budding home renovators find is the seemingly endless and mind-numbing prepping and priming that is required before you’re allowed to get to the fun part of going wild with colour.

There is no sanding or priming required, and it’s so versatile it can be used in more places than any other paint. In the garden, over metal, walls and flooring, it is also suitable for kitchen cabinetry. The options are endless.

Le Monde, in both Ponsonby and Parnell locations, are proud stockists of the full Annie Sloan range of paints and accessories, and this month will be hosting a series of workshops, highlighting a number of techniques and ideas you can be using in your own home with Chalk Paint™ decorative paint. But beware, once you start, you’re not going to stop with that one little lamp. You’re going to want to paint it all because it’s so easy, and so much fun.

For more information visit or T: 09 376 2993 to secure your place. Numbers are limited.