Cheryl Regan: My Favourite Room

Emigrating from Canada 35 years ago, Bayleys real estate agent Cheryl Regan has seen the greater Ponsonby area develop and change through the years.

Always ahead of her time, Cheryl has been living the apartment life for decades, initially buying off plans and taking up residence in a spacious residence in Hopetoun Street overlooking Western Park and out to the ocean.

Are you a long time Ponsonby resident?
For as long as I’ve been in New Zealand I’ve lived across the central suburbs. Our first apartment was a mix of residential and commercial and it was a very exciting time to be living in the city. My late husband and I spent many hours walking the dog through Western Park and strolling K Road.

We walked everywhere together, hosted some pretty outrageous parties, made incredible lifelong friends, and generally embraced everything about the colourful Ponsonby area. It’s incredible when I think back to how much the area has changed but I am pleased that people have been kind to the historical fronts of the villas, retaining that unique Ponsonby visage.

Which is your favourite room?
I now live right on the Viaduct where my favourite room is my open living area that flows seamlessly out to my deck. I can observe all that is happening over the water, and my love of sailing is fulfilled watching the various vessels - from luxury yachts to fishing boats.

I especially enjoy it on a Wednesday night when the ocean is full of young children learning how to sail. There is nothing like the salty smell of the sea with birds flying overhead and the terns diving for fish.

What are your favourite things in the room?
Not technically ‘in’ the room, but the sunsets here are incredible; the way the light shifts and changes is totally mesmerising. I love that my deck is reminiscent of a sailing boat; my husband and I used to sail a lot and my son sails professionally, so staying close to the ocean keeps my heart close to my family.

Looking out at my view fills my soul with happiness and I think what a lucky girl you are Cheryl, and feel very grateful for living in beautiful New Zealand.

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Published 3 December 2021