Scapegrace @ Glengarry

Scapegrace is a local Ponsonby story of Mark Neal and his brother Daniel McLaughlin.

With a world class gin on their hands, Mark and Daniel were keen to share it with the world. They created Scapegrace, a name that means ‘a rogue’ and launched that overseas. For quite some time Scapegrace was Rogue Society in New Zealand and Scapegrace everywhere else. This was more a little like running two companies, remembering what stock to send where, production runs for different brands and two marketing campaigns etc, etc. From there Scapegrace was introduced into New Zealand and Rogue Society consigned to the archives. The liquid inside remained the same - the name and packaging was what changed.

From there the dynamic team did not stand still. An epic Black Gin was released. Unlike any other Black Gin, it’s created from natural ingredients and tastes amazing. Mix it with a tonic water that has a high content of quinine, and it turns a lovely pink hue. There’s now Scapegrace Vodka, and the latest edition to this distillery’s growing range, a collection of ready to drink vodkas. All in cans and conveniently in a 10 pack. There’s Soda and Lime, Pear and Apple, and my favourite, Pomegranate and Plum.

The Scapegrace distilling story is one of innovation and Kiwi know how, and it’s only just started. Wait until you see the next chapter. We can’t wait and look forward to sharing it with you.

What’s more, Scapegrace distilling is a wonderful New Zealand story tied to local Ponsonby residents and one that seems very fitting as Ponsonby News celebrates another big milestone with this 32nd birthday edition.

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Published 1 October 2021