Allbirds Natural Run Collection

Looking for more sustainable ways to break a sweat? Allbirds has now got you covered from head to toe.

An evolution of the global brand’s belief in nature-powered performance, Allbirds Natural Run Apparel allows you to work hard while treading light. As with all of their products, Allbirds packed Natural Run Apparel full of premium natural fibres, designed with carbon consciousness in mind.

True to its name, the Run Natural Collection follows the same sustainable philosophy of Allbirds’s shoes. The new apparel utilises natural materials like tencel lyocell (made from eucalyptus fibre), merino wool, and recycled synthetics. The only non-recycled, unnatural component used is elastane, which the brand incorporates sparingly to create stretchiness in the fabric’s threads. This helps the tops and bottoms remain soft yet performance-functional for logging your miles in.

I love that each piece in the collection is labelled with its individual carbon footprint. The pieces range from 4.7 kg to 14.5 kg CO2e, or Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (for context, your daily 10-minute shower using hot water comes in around 2.0 kg CO2e). The packaging is consciously made as well., with clothing tags free of additional wires and plastic.

The Allbirds team began developing the collection two years ago, and has tested more than 70 apparel prototypes for breathability, sweat-wicking capacity, flexibility, and comfort. The collection is also stylish and designed to be worn by all, with popular picks being the Natural Run Form Tank and Natural Legging and Bike Short.

The tank is form-fitting, but still breathable thanks to a proprietary blend of Eucalyptus Tree fibre and Merino Wool, and is not too cropped and not too long, perfectly skimming your waistline. Created using the same unique lightweight jersey material, the leggings and bike shorts sit high on the waist and are perfect for everything from a brisk walk around the block to a 5k through the city streets. (HELENE RAVLICH)

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Published 1 October 2021