Melissa Lee: Backing Auckland businesses during Covid-19

I am incredibly heartened by the amazing levels of support so many here in Auckland have given to their local shops and businesses during the Covid-19 Delta outbreak.

It is a difficult time for many with restrictions on trade where they were forced to get creative in providing their essential goods and services as well as coping with paying rents and topping up wages for staff while there was hardly any income to no income.

I was thrilled at Level 3 to support my favourite takeaways and coffee places and I know so many others in our gorgeous city were too. From kebabs to cappuccinos, our city rallied to back local businesses and I am looking forward to lower alert levels where we, like the rest of New Zealand, can meet again in our cafes, restaurants, shop more freely and maybe finally get a much needed haircut.

Covid-19 has been devastating on so many small business owners with mortgages, rent, and overheads to think about, let alone their families and their futures. I want to acknowledge all those who are still facing hardships and make sure you know we are championing your needs in Parliament. I am regularly in contact with Government officials helping SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Business Enterprises) navigate the complex issues Covid-19 has brought to the way we live and work.

Know we are doing everything possible to help keep your businesses afloat and to support you.

In particular, I have recently been urging the government to make better investment into vaccine information translation so more people in our country, no matter their ethnic background, can get the vaccine as soon as possible and was pleased to see greater investment has been made towards ethnic outreach in the Covid-19 response.

Most importantly, we are fighting to get our economy working again so generations of Kiwis are not saddled with crippling debt for decades to come.

Whether you need help understanding the Covid-19 alert level rules, support accessing the wage subsidies or anything else, my Parliamentary team are here to help.

Just give us a call on 09 520 0538 or send me an email at

These lines remain active when we are required to work from home with English, Mandarin Chinese and Korean language support available. (I can say personally I am on the phone constantly right now fighting for constituents late into the night!) Once we get back to lower alert levels my office is able to operate safely for booked appointments, please get in touch.

Keep safe everyone! (Melissa Lee MP)

Published 1 October 2021