Tadhg Stopford:: Gunja Gossip, POT Politics, Maddening ‘Medical’ Cannabis

Disclosure / Conflict of Interest. Hi there, if you read this column, then you know me from the Hemp Foundation; a social enterprise/education organisation.

But, for the last 14 months I’ve also been pioneering the sale of novel hemp extracts to Kiwis across New Zealand.

This is a big deal, as these are the first hemp extracts legally available to Kiwis. (Cannabigerol, Cannabichromene, Cannabicitran, and Hemp Terpenes)

Although common in foods and cosmetics in the US, UK, EU, Tigerdrops are only legal in New Zealand as holy hemp oils and novelty canna collectables. As all of my work is evidenced based, these products spring from my background as a historian and political scientist. Please have a look at www.tigerdrops.co.nz for more info.

Sales from Tigerdrops will support the education work of the Hemp Foundation, so please spread the Gospel of Hemp, and get a Holy Hemp Oil for someone you care about; or start your own Novelty Canna Collection.

You’ll see the ad at the bottom of the page, for Tigerdrops CBD. Tigerdrops is a CBD product, but not a Cannabidiol product. It’s confusing, and legally it’s difficult to explain. Suffice to say Tigerdrops are unique products, prohibited foods, and not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition. Peace be with you. Use Tigerdrops religiously.

Local MediCann Companys Forced out of Market by Government
“Ponsonby's Cannabis Company, Medleaf Therapeutics, was founded by a local trying to save his uncle’s life. Medleaf was New Zealand's first CBD (Cannabidiol) importing company, and drove the monopoly prices down from over $500 to just $145. But on September 30th, it will be/was forced to close by the government for reasons that do not stack up.

Medleaf CEO Courtney Letica writes, “There is no appetite for help, change, or compassion within the government or the Ministry of Health. There is a severe lack of resource or focus going into the inner workings of the scheme and ultimately product that patients rely on are being taken away from them as a result.”

The products that Medleaf, Eqalis and NUBU supply meet standards good enough for 886 million Europeans and North Americans, but they are somehow not safe enough for Kiwis according to MedSafe, even though GPs can order Cannabis medicines that need not adhere to any standards at all.

NUBU, another local CBD importing company has been waiting over twelve months to have a product approved. Big Pharma execs who have moved into the MedCann space are stunned at the political games that are keeping them from bringing products to market.

Before she became PM Jacinda told me that it would be easy to legalise Cannabis. So it’s funny that it’s still hard for even EU GMP ‘Medical’ Cannabis to legally reach patients in New Zealand. "Needless complexity" springs to mind. On that...When CBD is CBD, but not CBD.

Most people do not understand that both Hemp and ‘marijuana’ are Cannabis Sativa; as Thoroughbreds and Clydesdales are both horses. Cannabidiol is a Cannabinoid in Hemp/Cannabis. Confusingly, both Cannabidiol and Cannabinoids can be CBD oils. This is not well known, and is further confused by Tigerdrops Holy Hemp CBD oil, which is different again; and does not contain Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol/CBD oils are legal in New Zealand, but you will need a prescription from a GP. (Tadhg Stopford)

Therefore, for people seeking to buy 'Medical Cannabis'
CBD / THC products, I recommend these good doctors:
Dr Graham Gulbransen: Dr@cannabiscare.nz
Dr Simon Bristow & Dr Birgit McConnachie: www.korumedical.co.nz
Dr Anna Harvey: anna.harvey@cannabisclinic.co.nz


Published 1 October 2021