Jason Trowbridge - Thirty Years plus

It’s a fantastic business; you are consistently meeting a diverse range of people, dealing with many varied aspects of life.

Many clients have become great friends; we have travelled the world together.

You have been at L J Hooker for a long time.
I’ve always enjoyed the flexibility and agile approach of a small boutique agency. Right back in Ponsonby Real Estate days we could always offer options and solutions that corporates simply could not. Today being a boutique agent with the backing of a large international company ensures the world's eyes are on the vendor's property.

You are a vendor’s agent solely?
30 years on I have always been a dedicated vendor’s agent, meaning it’s my sole interest to over achieve and set a record price in the area for the vendor.

Is this something you always do?
Over my career I am certainly responsible for many of the record sale prices in Ponsonby and its surrounding areas.

You will have seen so much industry change.
Yes, the industry has changed so much it’s like black and white. Digital platforms and instant communication have changed the entire experience when it comes to exposing your property into the local market and onto the world stage.

Vocation your vacation.
Real-estate is a passion. It always has been for me and it allows tremendous flexibility accompanied with huge accountability. I have always had huge passion for the industry bringing energy to the process and consistently over delivering on the vendor’s expectation is a magical feeling. I feel that amazing energy each and every campaign!

How long will you continue to sell?
The day I don’t love it, I will stop!

What will you do?
Emh, a small cocktail bar in the Greek islands has appeal, or an antique ring dealer in Portobello Road, Notting Hill in London.

Clear concise process?
I have always had a process. A vendor wants as much money as possible and through a process you can ensure there is no rock unturned. It’s essential when you are dealing with huge assets and when a vendor engages you it’s all about trust; simply not going above and beyond has never been an option during my career.

Astute listener?
Understanding what a vendor wants is essential; being able to listen and then felicitate is crucial.

Are you interested in flash industry awards, promos?
No, this has never been part of my ethos. The most prestigious award I can receive is a vendor recommending me to a friend at a dinner table.

Do you live in Ponsonby?
Yes, I live in a villa that I had tried to buy many times over twenty years. Eventually it came to the market and the mammoth renovation started and lasted 12 months.

Your hobbies?
Well, I am very active in keeping fit, loads of gym classes and love RPM. I am very active in the decorative art world and love collecting the unusual, eclectic pieces. When travel is possible you will find me deep in the heart of French street markets in Paris. Being a pastry chef in prior real estate life I thoroughly enjoy entertaining and spoiling friends with experiences and food.

And I believe you have beehives here in Ponsonby.
Ah yes. I have beehives on my property in Ponsonby. Having bees in the city is fantastic. They thrive in the Three Lamps area as there are so many magnificent pohutukawa trees for them to graze on. Last year I produced about 140 kg of honey.

What do you do with it?
I give it away to friends and clients. Bees are fascinating insects and watching how a hive operates is not that different to human life!

What's your advice to a potential vendor?
Choose an agent you feel comfortable with, somebody you trust. It’s essential, as it’s a team effort. Having those tough discussions up front makes it so much easier for all parties.

Final Words.
30 years of experience costs no more. I WILL GET YOU MORE. (JASON TROWBRIDGE)


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Published 1 October 2021