Which interior design trend works for you?

Spending more time at home in recent months has made us more aware of our interior living spaces. Window treatments have always been a key part of any home design.

Lahood Window Furnishings will inspire and guide you through the current trends to help you discover what suits your personality and your home.

The last year of lockdowns has made many of us see the importance of our homes as sanctuaries from the world outside. How the inside of our living spaces look reflects who we are, and what makes us feel calmer and happier.

Back to Nature, bringing nature indoors
The theme of Back to Nature is characterised by using natural materials or hand-crafted elements to mimic nature. Bringing the outdoors in and looking to nature for inspiration has resulted in the growing popularity of patterned textiles and fabrics featuring lush botanicals. Greenery and plants are enjoyed in abundance within the interior space, said to improve one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

A Calming Sanctuary
The idea of Calm Sanctuary is represented by the creation of spaces where you can take solace from the pressures of everyday life to revitalise and restore. Spaces to cocoon, retreat, relax and revive within the beautiful haven of the home. Textiles made from organic materials and fabrics that copy the language of nature focus on the richness of surface textures. Calm Sanctuary evokes a feeling of mindfulness and well-being and represents a much needed retreat from the world.

Minimalism is still a strong ongoing trend and is sometimes a reflection of an awareness about the downsides of a consumerist society. There’s a focus on the look and the feel of the fabrics, but they sit subtly in the background and don’t intrude. Perfect if you want drapes and blinds but you want your accessories or artworks to stand out and be the focus of your interior décor.

1970s Colours are back
Decorating our houses in bold colours and earth tones linked to the 1970s is part of the back to nature and calming trends. As people are indoors more, they seek to embrace the outdoors by using more grounded colours, which evoke a sense of comfort and calm. There is also a subtle shift towards the humbler earth tones, richer hues are redefining how the whole home feels: comforting, safe and inviting.

Lahood Window Furnishings can help you discover which interior design trends inspire you to make a more comfortable and happier home to live in. Their experienced and friendly design consultants and showroom staff are ready to work with you from start to finish. And they offer a range of brands and products that are second to none in Auckland.

Lahood's stunning showroom is at 104 Mt Eden Road. Please phone 0800LAHOOD or visit the website www.lahood.co.nz

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Published 1 October 2021