Local beauty: MānukaRx

With an office in Grey Lynn and 100 per cent New Zealand owned, the team at ManukaRx creates sustainable, natural skincare and health products using as their hero ingredient; East Cape mānuka oil.

Research has confirmed that East Cape mānuka oil is an incredible thousand times more effective than the more well-known mānuka honey, and 20-30 times stronger than regular Australian tea tree oil against gram-positive bacteria (the bad skin bacteria). I also love the fact that ManukaRx is sustainably harvested from the wild and from plantations on the East Cape of New Zealand, supporting the local community who harvest the leaves of the mānuka plant and steam distil them to create truly powerful skincare.

The still 100% New Zealand-owned company’s first product was a natural ointment, an everyday balm for everyday harm. The outstanding feedback the product received identified the potential for sharing East Cape mānuka oil with more people around the world - and so began the ManukaRx journey.
Now their offering is vast, and seriously impressive.

Their Pro-Aging Skin Oil is a must for grumpy lockdown skin in particular, and their recently released Pro-Aging Cream Cleanser is a beautiful new addition to their impressive line-up. Made with New Zealand’s finest mānuka oil for its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-aging and antioxidant benefits, and scientifically formulated with rosehip oil, evening primrose oil and the probiotic preBIULIN FOS, it’s a beautifully calming, soothing cleanser that is perfect for all skin types.

Rosehip oil is included as it provides the skin with vital essential fatty acids and protective vitamins, as well as effective antioxidants to help promote and maintain healthy skin, while preBUILIN FOS helps to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce moisture loss, which is what causes the skin to lose its plumpness over time. You can explore this beautiful, local brand.


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