The Life Centre - Multi-dimensional Wellbeing

The Life Centre - a sanctuary for revolutionary multi-dimensional approaches to well being looks forward to welcoming you at its open day 10am-3pm on Saturday 26 June at 88 Jervois Road, Ponsonby.

Refurbished to a very high standard, this tranquil sanctuary provides a drop-in haven within the city centre for tired, stressed and beleaguered souls. It features a pyramid meditation room for quiet contemplation - further encouraged in the garden, filled with extraordinary and beautiful crystals. The theme of rare and exquisite crystals is echoed in the therapy rooms along with artworks featuring mandalas and sacred geomety which offer an invitation to enter into another reality of peace, bliss and pure Love.

Based on the ethos: “Restore the Spirit and the rest will follow”, fifteen practitioners will offer soul and life enhancing treatments ranging from massage, reiki, energy balancing, counselling and more. They look for first causes of dis-ease and dis-order considering symptoms as indicators only of deeper causes. They recognise that consciousness is the all-pervasive nature of reality and that we are all multi –dimensional beings. We each are a vibrational spectrum of Soul, Mind and Physical Body and that all play a part in wholistc health and well being.

The Life Centre is also an educational facility and has rooms for hire for this purpose as well as meditation, yoga and breathwork. A particular focus of the education will be informed by some of the greatest scientists of our recent past.

Max Planck wrote, “I regard consciousness as fundamental; matter is derivative from consciousness. There is no matter as such; it exists only by virtue of a force bringing the particle to vibration and holding it together in a minute solar system. The mind is the matrix of all matter.”

David Bohm wrote, “Ultimately the entire universe with all its particles, including those constituting human beings has to be understood as a single undivided whole, in which analysis into separately and independently existent parts, has no fundamental status.”

We in fact, all dwell within an intelligent, conscious, interactive and in-formed universe, wherein consciousness can interact with the deeper structures of reality. Creation – including all of us, is more “A Great Thought” with meaning and purpose inherently woven into its fabric.

THE LIFE CENTRE, 88 Jervois Road, T: 09 360 1130,

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